One of my most enjoyable activities is my part-time work as a Lieutenant with the Belmont Auxiliary / Special Police Department.

Badge of the Belmont, MA Police Department.


Many communities in the United States and around the world maintain a part-time Auxiliary or Reserve Police unit.  Usually made up of volunteers, these units provide a police department with a ready source of additional, well-trained manpower to handle civil emergencies, peak periods, special events, and to assist full-time officers on patrol as necessary.

The experience provides part-time officers who may be interested in going on to a full-time law enforcement career with the chance to get some exposure to the field; it also allows the department to get an in-depth look at prospective candidates for full-time positions.

Even if part-time officers don't intend to go on to a full-time law enforcement career, it brings in outside talent that may not be otherwise available within the police department and is perhaps the ultimate form of community policing in action.

The highest level of training is a must for part-time and volunteer officers.  In the department where I serve as an auxiliary / special Lieutenant, training as required by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council includes a 16-week police academy program for Reserve / Intermittent Police Officers, and ongoing in-service training.

Topics of study in the academy include: criminal law, constitutional law, motor vehicle law, domestic violence, crisis intervention, report writing, firearms training, defensive tactics, officer safety, and first aid / CPR certification as EMS First Responders.

If you're interested, check out your local police department to see if they have a similar program.  E-mail me if I can provide any further information that may help.

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