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Used electric vehicles currently tend to be in short supply, especially in the New England - who said there is no demand for EVs?? And new EVs are of course non-existent.

I'm no longer maintaining a list of vehicles on this page - I'm merely keeping the page around for a while as I know a number of other pages link to it.

So... I would suggest that you try these listings for EVs:

  • For vehicles in the Virginia & Maryland area, please visit the EVA-DC listings.

  • A variety of conversions are avaiable in Florida, from Grassroots EV.

  • Factory built S-10 pick-up trucks with NiCad battery upgrades are sometimes available from EV Bones in Arizona.

  • For national listings, see the EV Tradin' Post, which also lets you post "wanted" listings.

  • Additonal national listings can be found in the EV Finder Classifieds.

  • It is getting more and more common to see used EV's listed on eBay. A small but significant number of sellers regrettably seem to like to end the listing early and sell outside of the eBay format, so be prepared.

  • To locate an auto transporter to move your new treasure for you, there are a variety ofonline sources such

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