Watertown Middle School
Junior Solar Sprint 2001 Photo Album

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4-30-002S 4-30-003S 4-30-004S 4-30-005S 5-03-001S 5-07-001S
5-07-002S 5-14-002S 5-14-004S 5-17-001S 5-17-004S 5-17-019S
race-01 race-04 race-07 race-13 race-19 race-20
race-22 race-26 race-29 race-34 race-36 race-38
race-39 race-45 race-50 race-52 race-54 race-55
race-56 race-57 race-61 race-63 race-68 race-74

Photos by Jim Coate and Delia Guo

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